Bringing Healthcare Data To Life

We are passionate about tracking and utilising data to improve health outcomes. We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique, personalised experience for each clinic, health club, GP and hospital we work with. We place personalised patient care above all else and are committed to ensuring every health partner has a longstanding history of delivering exceptional care and of course, reproducible results.
Dr Adam Read
Founder & CEO
MBchB, MSc.Orthopedic & Sports Medical specialist,
8yrs building Health-Tech
Alan Parish
Chief Technology Officer
PhD Medical Imaging, MEng,
10yrs Building Healthcare Software

Nick Swan
Commercial Director
30yrs experience in global finance sector & experienced SME investor
Ali Olkun
Head of Analytics
PhD Genomics, MRes, MSc.
6yrs Health Data Analytics
Prof Nicola Maffulli
Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Editor of BJSM
Dr Michael Turner
Chief Medical Officer, LTA Medical Director ICHIRF ”Team Murray Doctor”
Bosco Albuquerque
Performance & Scalability Expert, Data Analytics & AI Engineering, Oracle, Amazon, Visa, Apple